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The Opioid Epidemic: Panhandle Response

Naloxone for First Responders

Partnering with Law Enforcement and Fire Departments to increase the availability of naloxone across the Panhandle. We know this is a strategy that saves lives. 


Medication Disposal

Dispose of your leftover medications at one of the safe and legal no cost disposal sites across the Panhandle.


Safe Storage of Prescription Medications

Partnering with agencies and health systems across the Panhandle to increase knowledge on how and why to safely store prescription medications.


Nebraska Pain Management Guidance Document

A provider and Community Resource.  Promotes consistent, safe, and effective management standards for Nebraska prescribers.  It includes information on treating acute pain, chronic pain, non-opioid options for pain treatment, treating pain in special populations, and opioid tapering/discontinuation.  An educational training video on the DHHS website complements the content of this document to assist in training Nebraska’s providers in safe pain management.


Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

Increase number of pharmacies utilizing PDMP prior to filling prescriptions.


Media Campaigns

Increase awareness that prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous.  To decrease the number of individuals who use opioids recreationally or overuse them.


Nebraska’s Legislative Response

Addresses prescription opioid abuse by adopting and strengthening an electronic prescription drug monitoring program; relaxing rules for administering life-saving, overdose reversing drugs; and granting immunity from prosecution for drug crimes related to individuals who call for help during an apparent overdose.


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Created July 2018