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Living Well

Living Well workshops empower you to take charge of your health...and your life!     

Living Well and Living Well with Diabetes

Is FREE and proven to work

Workshops are interactive and fun!  

Whether you have a chronic condition, or care for someone who does, you can benefit from the skills and strategies you learn in Living Well   

Research has shown that people who complete Living Well: 

Feel better & have better quality of life

Experience fewer sick days & days in depression 

Are better able to manage symptoms like fatigue, pain, shortness of breath, stress, and sleep problems     

Are more physically active

Improve communication with their doctors

Take medications as prescribed

Feel more confident



"I feel more powerful and in control of my health knowing there are things I can do" 
Jan, Panhandle participant



Are you ready to join the movement? Are you ready to increase your energy?

Are you ready to feel better? Are you ready to take charge of your health?

Contact us today! 


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Living Well and Living Well with Diabetes are self-management workshops facilitated by trained leaders that help you take control of your health by using small steps toward positive changes and healthier living. 

Workshops are interactive and not just lectures! Groups of 8 to 15 individuals take part in the workshops to share their expereinces and provide support to each other.   

Updated: February 14, 2020