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Surgeon General Reports Featuring Panhandle Public Health District

The Community Guide in Action: Nebraska Panhandle Uses the Community Guide for Public Health Planning 

Status Report for Step It Up! The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communiutes
2017, Page 19

Nebraska Plan Improves Health by Increasing Walking and Biking

Written by Jessica Davies, Assistant Director, 2016.


National Prevention Strategy: Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health FULFILLING THE LEGACY

Community and Clinical Community Preventive Services - Successfully Decreasing Diabetes Risk in Rural Nebraska through Collaborative Partnerships and Systems
Written by Tabi Prochazka, Regional NDPP Coodinator, 2016.
2016, Page 19


National Prevention Strategy: National Prevention, Helath Promotion, and Public Health Council

Partners in Prevention: Panhandle Public Health District

Written by Jessica Davies, Worksite Wellness Coordinator, 2014.
July 1, 2014, Page 60

UNCENTERED Featuring Panhandle Public Health District

UNCENTERED: Summer 2019

Connectiong public health preparedness with real world experiences

Written by the Center for Preparedness Education Staff 


Panhandle Alert System: Alerting At-Risk Populations

Written by Tabi Prochazka, Deputy Director Health Promotions and Preparedness, 2018.
Page 3


UNCENTERED Spring 2018
Panhandle Regional Medical Response System

Written by Melody Leisy, PRMRS Coordinator, 2018.
Page 12

UNCENTERED Winter 2018
Highlighting Health Care Coalitions (HCC): Panhandle Regional Medical Response System

Written by Melody Leisy, PRMRS Coordinator, 2017.
Page 7

UNCENTERED Spring 2017
Fair Play in Box Butte County: Taking Emergency Preparedess to the Fair

Written by Tabi Prochazka, Emergency Responce Coordinator, 2017.
Page 5


UNCENTERED Winter 2017
Panhandle PPE Whirlwind Tour: Personal reflectionson PPE training and lessons learned from rural Nebraska

Written by Leslie Scofield, The Center for Preparedness Educaiton, 2017.
Page 7