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Preparedness for Child Care Providers

Childcare BinderEmergency Response Planning for Child Care Providers

The outcome of an emergency situation is dependent on how well the people involved have planned and prepared. Panhandle Public Health District has created the guide, Emergency Response Planning for Child Care Providers, in order to promote recommendations for keeping children safe and parents informed.

This guide identifies the concerns in the Nebraska Panhandle and offers examples from other organizations and input from subject matter experts to better equip you with the tools you need to develop an emergency response plan. The information can be tailored to meet the needs of your child care facility. Be sure to evaluate the risk for your specific location.

September is National Preparedness Month

We have brochures and fact sheets available for you to pass out to your families.


Child Care Buckets and Bleach Safety Kits

"The Bucket" Body Fluid Cleanup kit includes items that, when used properly, limit the spread of infections disease.

For more information contact PPHD 855-227-2217.

Bleach Safety
Mixing Bleach
Bucket Supply List
CDC Key Facts
Clean Up Steps
Do Not Enter Sign
Mixing Bleach Special Clean Up
NeAEYC Bleach Pump
Training Handouts

For questions about Child Care Preparedness or to order the Emergency Response Planning for Child Care Providers contact:

Shavin Barnhart, sbarnhart@pphd.org

Click here to download the Emergency Response Planning for Child Care Providers. Available to any Child Care Providers within Panhandle Public Health District.

Updated December 3, 2019