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Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching Logo

Health Coaching Logo

Health and Wellness Coaching is . . .

up to 6

20-40 minute

3 months

over the phone
at no cost to you



  Your coach will:
Work with you to set your goals
Help you gain confidence,      knowledge, skills, and tools
Guide you to a healthier lifestyle
Support you to achieve your health      goals
Encourage you to become the best      version of yourself

"My health coach helped me to set up goals as well as a vision. She provided clarity to my thoughts and what I wanted to accomplish. Emailing me a copy of what we talked about – goals, vision, and my confidence level has been so helpful to reference. I don't think I would be on track without health coaching if I was 'on my own."

Holly, Coaching Client

"Having a health coach has helped me be more intentional about making healthy choices."
Kristy, Coaching Client

Health & Wellness Coaching
Improving population health one person at a time

Are you a Panhandle resident?
Are you over 18?
Ready to make your health a priority?

Then you are eligible for health and wellness coaching!

Call today to get started.
Cheri Farris, CHES
Health and Wellness Coach
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Certified Wellchaches