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Family Preparedness

Disaster Relief Support


Call a Famliy Meeting and Make a Plan!

Emergency communication plan. What is it?
Why should you make one?

Emergencies can happen at any time.
Do you know how to get in touch with
your family if you are not together?

Tips for a successful plan:

Let them know you are OK! Pick the same person for each family member to contact. It might be easier to reach someone who's out of town.

Text, don't talk! Unless you are in immediate danger, send a text. Texts often have an easier time getting through during emergencies, and you don't want to tie up phone lines needed by emergency responders (like 911).

Know your numbers! Memorize the phone numbers of immediate family members and those living with you.
Discuss Exits! Figure out two ways out out of every room in your house in case of a fire.

Pick a Meeting Spot! Where will you meet up with your family if you have to get out of your house quickly? Where will you meet if your neighborhood is being evacuated and you're not at home?


Plan Ahead for Disasters
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Plan Ahead
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Shavin Barnhart
Preparedness and Community Health Educator sbarnhart@pphd.org

Updated December 3, 2019