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Naloxone for First Responders

Panhandle Public Health District is partnering with Law Enforcement and Fire Departments to increase the availability of naloxone across the Panhandle.  We know this is a strategy that saves lives. 

Training Opportunities for Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS:

Panhandle Narcan Training Video for First Responders October 10, 2018

Additional Resources:

Law Enforcement

You need a standing order for naloxone.  You can do this locally or Dr. Cornutt will provided a standing order for Panhandle law enforcement agencies. This will allow you to order and restock as needed. Steps to recieve standing order.

  • Administering naloxone is covered under the Nebraska Good Samaritan Law.
  • Sample policy and procedure available on the website based off of the NE State Patrol and another law enforcement agencies experience.

Fire and EMS

It is our recommendation that you connect with your medical director to get a standing order for Narcan.   This will allow you to order and restock as needed.

  • Nebraska EMS Model Protocols are under revisions to carry Narcan at 4mg. There is an amendment available contact Tabi for a copy.

Opioid overdoses and deaths are a growing concern in Nebraska. In 2016, 128 people died of a drug overdose and at least 38 of those deaths were opioid related. Nebraska drug overdose death rate has increased over the last decade to 6.9 overdose deaths for every 100,000 people in 2016 which is up from 3.6 on 2004.


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Created July 2018