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Meet Our Team

We have three offices.

Hemingford Office:
P O Box 337
808 Box Butte Avenue
Hemingford, NE  69348
(308)487-3600 Office
(866)701-7173 Toll Free
(308)487-3682 Fax
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Bridgeport Office:
P O Box 1115 
122 East 10th Street
Bridgeport, NE  69336
(308)262-2217 Office
(855)227-2217 Toll Free
(308)262-1317 Fax
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Scottsbluff Office:
1930 East 20th Place, Suite 400
Scottsbluff NE 69361
(308)633-2866 Office
(877)218-2490 Toll Free 
(308)633-2874 Fax
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Alma Alarcon

Parenting Coach |Intake Specialist
AAlarcon@pphd.org | Scottsbluff


Linda Ainslie

Parenting Coach |Intake Specialist
lmainslie@pphd.org | Scottsbluff


Sarah Bernhardt

Healthy Families America Manager
sbernhardt@pphd.org | Scottsbluff


Jessica Davies

Assistant Director, Panhandle Worksite Wellness Council Coordinator 
jdavies@pphd.org | Hemingford x101


Kim Engel

kengel@pphd.org | 308-760-2415


Cheri Farris

Community Health Educator 
cfarris@pphd.org | Bridgeport


Melissa Haas

Envir. Health Coord., Asst. Wellness
mhaas@pphd.org |
Hemingford x108


Myrna Hernandez

Parenting Coach/Intake Specialist
mhernandez@pphd.org |Scottsbluff


Sara Williamson

CFO, Accreditation Coordinator
shoover@pphd.org | Hemingford x106


Kelsey Irvine

Community Health Planner,
Performance Mgmt. Coord.
kirvine@pphd.org | Scottsbluff


Kendra Lauruhn

Dental Health Coordinator,
Disease Surveillance
klauruhn@pphd.org | Scottsbluff


Melody Leisy

PRMRS Coordinator
mleisy@pphd.org | Bridgeport


Tabi Prochazka

Health Promotions Coordinator
tprochazka@pphd.org |
Hemingford x107


Erin Sorensen

Office Mgr, Human Resource Coord.
esorensen@pphd.org |
Hemingford x103


Janelle Visser

Health Educator
jvisser@pphd.org | Hemingford x105

Essential Services of Public Health --
It's What We Do!

Assessment | Assurance | Policy Development

  • Monitor health status to identify and solve community health problems.
  • Diagnose and investigate health problems and health hazards in the community.
  • Inform, educate and empower people about health issues.
  • Mobilize community partnerships and action to identify and solve health problems.
  • Develop policies and plans that support individual and community health efforts.
  • Enforce laws and regulations that protect health and unsure safety.
  • Link people to needed personal health services and assure the provision of health care when otherwise unavailable.
  • Assure competent public and personal health care workforce.
  • Evaluate effectiveness, accessibility an quality of personal and population-based health services.
  • Research for new insights and innovative solutions to health problems.