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Panhandle Prevention Coalition

Responsible Beverage Server Training/Compliance Checks

How to check IDs

The Panhandle Prevention Coalition together with local law enforcement offer the following suggestions to help train your staff identify the following false identification situations.


  • Check the size, thickness and color of the ID for anything unusual.
  • Check the placement, size and typeface of the letters and numbers, nothing on the ID should be blurry.
  • Look closely at the state seal of the ID to make sure it is correct and exact.


  • Check for numbers that have been scratched or bleached out and inked over, or cut out and reinserted.
  • Look for rough spots around the edges and over the photo where laminate may have been altered.


  • Compare the photo with the person presenting the ID.
  • Ask the presenter to sign his or her name on a sheet of paper and compare the signature to the one on the ID.
  • Ask the presenter to verify personal data on the ID.
  • Request alternate pieces of identification.

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Source: Oakland County, MI Health Division, Office of Substance Abuse Services.


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Updated January 18, 2022