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Panhandle Prevention Coalition

Project Extra Mile

Together with our many partners, the Panhandle Prevention Coalition serves communities throughout western Nebraska by working to eliminate underage drinking. Many alcohol retailers in the region share our passion for this cause and know the dangers and consequences of underage alcohol consumption. Together, we make our community a safer place. Together we are united for change.

Research shows that teen alcohol consumption is at the root of many social, health and legal problems including alcohol poisoning, drinking and driving, illegal drug use, teenage pregnancies, memory loss and poor school performance.

With the privilege of carrying a Nebraska liquor license comes many legal responsibilities for compliance. We know that laws can often be hard to understand and compliance difficult.

That’s why the Panhandle Prevention Coalition offers the information on this website to all alcohol retailers in the region. Compliance is mandatory. As a liquor establishment, you cannot serve alcohol to minors. If you do, your license will be in jeopardy. More importantly, you hurt the lives of the minors you serve.

We hope that the information provided helps you and your employees comply with the laws that work to prevent underage drinking.

Thank you for doing your part to become a responsible alcohol merchant in western Nebraska. We appreciate you.

For more information on efforts in the State of Nebraska, cgo to https://www.projectextramile.org/.


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Updated January 18, 2022