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Panhandle Public Health District continues to monitor the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic to anticipate its impact on the Panhandle and our health systems.  This is an evolving situation with many unanswered questions. We will continue to communicate important updates to the public and our partners. 

Public Health Recommendations for Travelers:

Updated self-quarantine guidelines are being provided to anyone that has traveled or will be traveling outside the Nebraska Panhandle.

To limit spread in Nebraska, all travelers should self-quarantine for 14 days upon returning home and immediately report any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection to their health care provider. This means if you travel out of the Panhandle, you will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days upon returning to the Panhandle with these exceptions:Social Distancing=6 feet

  • Residents that support the critical infrastructure of our community, such as truckers, are encouraged to continue to provide their vital services. When they are back in the Panhandle, they are encouraged to stay at their house (self-quarantine).  
  • Traveling to and from work is understandable; the idea is to stay in the same community and practice strict social distancing.
  • Health care workers have different guidelines and should consult with a trained medical professional at their facility (infection preventionists or physician) and establish a specific infection control protocol such as self-quarantine, self-monitoring, wearing PPE while at work, etc., that mitigates patient and co-worker exposures.

Returning travelers should assume that COVID-19 disease is present at the locations they have visited and traveled through.

Self-quarantine guidance education.

To self report or ask questions please call Panhandle Public Health District: 308-262-5764 OR Scotts Bluff County Health Department: 308-630-1580


COVID-19 Unified Command comprised of: Panhandle Public Health District, Scotts Bluff County Health Department, and Region 21, 22, & 23

panelists are providing a Daily Afternoon Briefing, weekdays @ 430pm MDT. Registration details can be found here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2051154740783521293



Businesses and Employers are Critical to help "flatten the curve." Find resources here

Resources at Basecamp https://3.basecamp.com/4076066/join/w4vDqkknshYt

Potential Community Exposure Sites

Directed Health Measure Statewide 4/3/2020

How to donate homemade masks and gowns to local hospitals

Recent COVID-19 Press Releases


National Guard to Conduct COVID-19 Testing in Kimball County on Thursday, April 9

Four New COVID-19 Cases in Scotts Bluff County Bring Panhandle Total Count to 21

Investigation Details Released to the Public, Adding Minimal Community Exposure Locations to the List
Avance detallados de La Investigación en Comunicado al Público, Se Agrega a la Lista Lugares de propagación/exposición Mínima
Updated Guidance to Area Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers
Provee Guia Actualizada para los Empleados Esensiales del Area
4 /5/20
Eight additional tests are confrirmed postive for COVID-19
Ocho pruebas adicionales se han confirmado como positivas para el COVID-19

No new test results received, updating information on previous cases
No se han recibido resultados nuevos, avance informativo en los casos previos


Current Positive Cases in Kimball County Warrant Concern with Health Officials

Los Recientes Casos Positivos en el Condado de Kimball Han Ocasionado una Orden de Preocupación entre los Oficiales de Salud 

Panhandle COVID-19 Unified Command Announces Two More Positive Cases in Kimball County
El Comando Unificado del Panhandle del COVID-19 Anuncia Dos Casos Mas en el Condado de Kimball
Further Guidance on the Panhandle Directed Health Measure Issued by Governor Ricketts on March 30, 2020 and Turkey Hunting Restrictions
El Comando Unificado del Panhandle del COVID-19 Provee orientacion adicional acerca de la Directiva para las Medidas de Salud del Panhandle, dada por el Governador Ricketts el 30 de Marzo del 2020 y de las Restringiones Para La Caseria de Pavos.

Panhandle COVID-19 Unified Command Announces Two More Positive Cases in Scotts Bluff County
El Comando Unificado del Panhandle del COVID-19 Anuncia Dos Casos Mas en el Condado de Scottsbluff
Panhandle schools will be operating in an alternative learning environment for the remainder of the school year
Las escuelas del Panhandle estaran operando en un ambiente alternativo de aprendizaje por lo que resta del año escolar

Panhandle COVID-19 Unified Command Announces First Positive Case in Kimball County
El Comando Unificado del Panhandle del COVID-19 El Primer Caso Positivo en el Condado de Kimball
Panhandle COVID-19 Unified Command Announces Locations of Potential Community Exposure from Recently Confirmed Case in the Scotts Bluff County
El Comando Unificado del Panhandle del COVID-19 Anuncia Los Lugares Potencialmente Expuestos por el Reciente Caso Confirmado en el Condado de Scotts Bluff

Panhandle COVID-19 Unified Command Announces First Positive Case in Scotts Bluff County
El comando unificado Panhandle COVID-19 anuncia el primer caso positivo en el condado de Scotts Bluff

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Our Team

We are ready to partner with you to improve the health, safety and quality of life for all who live, learn , work and play in our communities.


Meet our Staff

Board of Health

Banner County                                    
Bob Gifford, County Commissioner             
Marie Parker, Community-Spirited Citizen
Box Butte County
Susan Lore, County Commissioner
Carolyn Jones, Community-Spirited Citizen
Cheyenne County                            
Randy Miller, County Commissioner   
Mandi Raffelson, Community-Spirited Citizen    
Dawes County
Vic Rivera, County Commissioner
Karen Eisenbarth, Community-Spirited Citizen
Deuel County                                     
Steve Fischer, County Commissioner              
Judy Soper, Community-Spirited Citizen
Garden County
Dixann Krajewski, County Commissioner
Nicole Loomis, Community-Spirited Citizen
Grant County
Brian Brennemann, County Commissioner
Jon Werth, Community-Spirited Citizen
Kimball County                                            
Brandon Mossberg, County Commissioner            
Kenneth Mars, Community-Spirited Citizen 
Morrill County
Susanna Batterman, County Commissioner
Kay Anderson, Community-Spirited Citizen

Scotts Bluff County
Ken Meyer, County Commissioner
Jennifer Sibal, Community-Spirited Citizen

Sheridan County
Loren Paul, County Commissioner
Pat Wellnitz, Community-Spirited Citizen 
Sioux County
Hal Downer, County Commissioner
Jackie Delatour, Community-Spirited Citizen

At Large
Dr. David Cornutt, MD, Medical Doctor
Dr. Ben Iske, DDS, Dentist
Jon Werth, DVM, Veterinarian

Our Vision

We are a healthier and safer Panhandle Community.

Our Vision


Want to learn where the money comes from and where it goes?

Financial Statement

Employment Opportunities

PPHD is a great place to work. In a recent Employee Satisfaction Survey flexible schedule, wages/benefits, and quality work in a supportive environment rose to the top.

There are no employment opportunities at this time.

Infectious Disease

We strives to prevent the incidence of disease by promoting healthy communities, families, and individuals through communicable disease surveillance. Please call our 24/7 contact to report an infectious disease

We are always striving to do better

Through performance management, quality improvement, and strategic planning.

Performance Management and Quality Improvement

The goal of performance management is to improve the way PPHD operates, in terms of improved health outcomes, efficiency in operations, and fiscal management.  The performance management system is monitored by the performance management coordinator, health director, and Leadership Team.

A large part of performance management is setting specific performance goals, collecting data showing progress on these goals, reporting progress both internally to staff and externally to stakeholders through a systematic process, and integrating performance management into quality improvement. 

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Strategic Planning

The PPHD strategic plan is based on four strategic directions to Honor Our Resources, Champion Community Health Improvement, and Advocate, Educate, and Empower.

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Quality improvement is a building block to assure we are always providing optimum public health.

Quality improvement is achieved by:

  • Continuously communicating the importance of quality to the staff, board, and our partners and stakeholders.
  • Reviewing processes for efficiencies to assure we are performing at optimum levels.
  • Reviewing and analyzing data to be certain the work we are doing is truly meeting the needs of those we serve.
  • Supporting quality improvement through a commitment of time and resources. 
  • Engaging the right staff or partners for a thorough and fair review of quality improvement and processes.

Here is how we are building a culture of health.

Learn what our partners have to say.

Dawes County serves as community leader with tobacco-free efforts.

We feel it is an important step for the County to model good health to the community. We are working diligently to provide tobacco-free support and resources to staff and visitors as we go tobacco-free. We know this will not only positively impact our employees but anyone who visits any of our facilities, too. 

Mandy Brice| HR - Dawes County

What participants are saying about National Diabetes Prevention Prograam!

NDPP provided the framework I needed to succeed in losing 50+ pounds and keep it off for over 3 years. My coach was respectful, confidential, supportive, and knowledgeable. She encouraged us to be kinder to ourselves and recognize I needed to change my mental outlook about food. I actually ate more than before in the program! Logging my food, activity, and water was essential, as was weighing in. Setting small goals made them more attainable, which prompted me to keep going.

Paula | Panhandle NDPP Participant

What is being said about Worksite Wellness?

Wellness and safety are strategic business decisions with nearly a 6:1 return on investment, but most importantly, it is the right thing to do for the citizens of this great state! 

Governor Ricketts

What is being said about PPHD being an Accredited Health Department!

PPHD joins the growing ranks of accredited health departments in a strong commitment to their public health mission. Residents of a community served by a nationally accredited health department can be assured that their health department has demonstrated the capacity to protect and promote the health of that community.

Kaye Bender, PhD, RN, FAAN | President and CEO - PHAB (Public Health Accreditation Board)