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Creating a Culture of Wellness “For Our Children, For Ourselves
By Dr. Joann Schaefer, Nebraska's Chief Medical Officer

As Nebraska's Chief Medical Officer, I am always happy to see Public Health Month make its appearance.
Mom and child cutting fruit for a healthy salad.
Focusing on creating a culture of wellness can draw attention to and bring awareness of things that can make our health better.  We can change the future for our children and increase the quality of our lives.

For wellness in the home, it's simply a reminder of all the things that people and families can do to keep themselves and their kids active and their food choices healthy.  

Being active on a regular basis is important.  Communities across this state have continued to look at options and work with local health departments and other organizations to increase outdoor activities.  Bike trails, walking trails, events to get families outside and active are things communities can do to help create wellness.  Wear a pedometer and make sure you take 10,000 steps a day.

The benefits of exercise are obvious.  Heart and lung health improve, in addition to the wonderful mental health benefits you get from it.  Exercise can also enhance the quality of your sleep and reduce your stress level.

Family bicycling in a park.Spring has sprung, so get outdoors and make the most of it with the physical activity of your choice.

Besides the importance of physical activity to wellness, there's the need for good nutrition.  Part of good nutrition is getting enough fruits and vegetables.

Eating fruits and vegetables is a practice that is developed at a young age, and kids learn what they live.  There are very few life-long eating behaviors that pay off as well as the development of a taste and zest for fruits and vegetables, so start them young!

Fruits and vegetables are nearly magical in the vitamins, photochemicals, and fiber they provide us with each serving.  This single eating habit can combat many cancers, Alzheimer's, heart disease and diabetes over one's lifetime.

And finally, make sure you get those all-important screenings’ breast, cervical, colon, high blood pressure and cholesterol.  Not only could they save your life, they can also give you peace of mind.

The message is clear, wellness works, and together we can create a culture of wellness throughout the state.

The Panhandle Public Health District web site, www.pphd.org, and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Web site, www.dhhs.ne.gov, are a great resource for more information on healthy living.