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Over 760 people participated in the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan process.  Priority areas were selected through review of data, surveys, and focus groups.  Strategies were selected from evidence based practices, policies and programs, and wherever possible linked with state plan.

The Panhandle Community Health Improvement Plan has been written to be implemented across all sectors of our communities. Local governments, hospitals and health systems, educational institutions, economic development, service organizations, businesses, agencies, volunteer groups, mental and behavioral health systems, faith communities, children, youth, families, and seniors are all considered part of the Local Public Health System. 

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Community Health Needs Assessments

Community Health Assessment 2014
Community Health Assessment 2011

Current Community Health Improvement Plan

Community Health Improvement Plan 2012-2017
Healthy Living: Healthy Eating, Active Living, Breastfeeding
Mental and Emotional Well-Being
Injury and Violence Prevention
Cancer Prevention: Primary Prevention, Early Detection
Local Public Health System (LPHS) Strategic Directions

Annual Community Health Improvement Plan Reports

2015 CHIP Annual Report (Color)
2015 CHIP Annual Report (Black & White)
2014 CHIP Annual Report
2013 CHIP Annual Report

CHIP Score Cards:
Priority Area 1: Healthy Living Score Card
Priority Area 2: Mental and Emotional Well Being

Priority Area 3: Injury and Violence Prevention
Priority Area 4: Cancer Prevention, Early Detection

Local Hospital Community Health Needs Assessments and Plans:
Morrill County Community Hospital | Regional West Medical Center | Chadron Community Hospital | Box Butte General Hospital | Regional West Garden County | Gordon Memorial Health Services | Kimball Health Services | Sidney Regional Medical Center

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